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Showreel  Editing  


Having a good showreel is paramount to an actor's success, but they can be incredibly expensive to get made. 

At STAC, we believe that simplicity is best. We just want to see you working from the start without the bells and whistles. If you have footage already then check out our SHOWREEL EDIT PACKAGE below.

We also believe that nothing looks worse that trying to fake it. If you don’t have much footage, filming your own scenes never looks like it's taken from a bigger production unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on it. For this reason, we also offer the ACTORS MARKETING PACKAGE, see below.

Work out what is best for you get in contact if you have any questions.
Looking forward to hearing from you.



The length of time it will take to edit your showreel will depend on a number of things. For example, if you want us to help choose the scenes that will obviously take time as we will have to watch a large amount of footage. If we need to rip or convert files that will also take time. If it’s a simple edit of some pre chosen scenes we can get that done very quickly for you. I'd suggest dropping us an email and we can work out what is best for you.


We are happy to assist with....

Retrieval and conversion of chosen footage in any given format (DVD, .MP4, .MOV, .AVI)

Advice on running order of chosen scenes. 

Editing of chosen scenes. With titles included. 

The first edit will be completed and you can give any notes or changes you would like. Any changes after that will be charged at £40 per hour of work or 30 minuets devisable. 



For actors who want a showreel but have little or no footage we offer an actors marketing package.

Above all else agents and casting directors want you to represent them well during auditions. Therefore, we offer to shoot and cut together examples of you in auditions.

We will shoot a number of SELF TAPE auditions with you and cut them together into a 'reel' format.

This can then be sent to agents and casting directors as "examples of me auditioning".

We do not recommend you use this as a showreel and do not recommend you add it to your Spotlight page. This would be to send directly to agents and casting professionals as an example of how you would represent them in the room.

A number of clients have chosen this approach when looking for a new agent and/or writing to casting professionals and had excellent success.

Feel free to get in contact if you'd like to chat this option through.





“Considering I didn’t have a great deal of footage at the time, I couldn’t believe how quickly Rich created a dynamic showreel for me! It was all done remotely too as I’m based in the south west. I was left speechless by the speed of the service - it was complete and on my Spotlight profile within a few hours! 
Rich is so completely focused on the right elements for the individual - when discussing any brief with him, you can tell he is focusing directly on the aspects that really matter to anyone the showreel will come into contact with. 
He is so professional, so genuine and so multi-talented. I recommend Rich to all Actors and industry professionals. His experience as an Actor and Director bring a special empathy (and telepathy!) to his work, which is absolutely invaluable. He understands the Actor. Add to this his technical knowledge, and you are onto an absolute winner with Rich every single time! Thank you so much!”



"Richard did a brilliant job for me on my showreel. He was super speedy, knowledgeable and I was delighted with the finished product. His wide and varied experience of the industry means his work is top notch. He is also a pleasure to work with and made what can be a stressful task so easy. I highly recommend STAC and I am so grateful to Richard for his great work!"



“Self Tape Audition and Coaching London put my showreel together quickly and were very accommodating. They took time to listen and create exactly the showreel I wanted - stylish, precise and professional. I would thoroughly recommend them.”


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