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Acting Classes and Services for Actors in London

We offer a range of services for actors, from aspiring to experienced, at our Waterloo studio. Our team can help to develop you into the best version of yourself. We provide masterclasses aimed at career development, acting classes to help you hone your skills, and casting workshops where you can meet the industry leaders and discuss your technique. We offer the premier acting services in London, giving everyone who comes in to our Waterloo acting studio the absolute best opportunities in London. We also have excellent facilities to record professional-grade audition tapes and voice reels to the highest industry standards, so if you’re looking for the best way to get your foot in the door, come to STAC and we’ll guide you along the way.

Self-Tape, Voicereel and Coaching services



Acting Classes in Our Waterloo Studio

Our acting classes provide the best chances to develop your technique and hone your natural talent. We offer sessions delivered by industry experts who have over 20 years’ experience on both sides of the audition room and can give poignant, precise feedback to help you develop your role and find your acting voice. Acting coaching can be a daunting experience at some other studios, but at STAC we aim to assuage any fears by offering an inclusive, family feel with our sessions where the common goal of everyone involved is to make sure you’re as good an actor as possible. Make sure to book a place in our Waterloo studio, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional – there’s something for everyone to learn and keep growing.

Self-Tape Recording, Showreel Editing, and Voice Reel Recording in London

Our studio in London is equipped with the latest technology and the highest standard of recording equipment to ensure that whatever you need for your next audition, you’ll be able to present the best quality version of yourself. Our recording studio is focused on providing the prime fidelity to life, with 4K cameras and the latest sound recording software and hardware to make sure that for showreels and voice reels, you can rest easy knowing that the best version of you is seen or heard by casting directors.


Get in Touch Today

Come into our Waterloo studio today to enquire about our services or book a place on our range of courses to begin the process and become part of the STAC family. We can’t wait to see you and get started on your next big break today.

Email for more information.


STAC Manchester

We are excited to introduce STAC Manchester for self-tape, coaching and voicereel services. Drop us an email to book a session or if you would like any further information. We'd love to hear from you.

All the same facilities as the original STAC Studio but in brilliant Manchester!

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