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Specialised one-on-one coaching 

Coaching Services

Richard Corgan is an internationally-renowned Actor, Director, film-maker and Coach who has worked with the industry's most prestigious talents. He has coached successful Actors throughout their careers from graduation to leading roles in film, TV and theatre and is often brought on film-sets to guide actors through their performances.

Having also worked in casting, Richard has a deeper knowledge of the audition process and how it works. He is passionate about helping actors understand the industry from a marketing perspective, empowering them to have control over how their career takes shape. "Richard's unique approach to the industry and his focus on the actor’s mindset is a breath of fresh air."

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Career Kickstart

From £55.00

We work with you to identify your 'type' and ensure your CV, headshot and showreel represent who you are as an artist.


Learn how to build a sustainable career, audition for your favourite roles and always be seen at your best.


Acting for screen


Lots of us are very well trained in theatre, but are less confident on camera. These one-on-one workshops are an ideal way to get over those camera-work nerves and delve into some great 'on-screen' techniques. 

Audition preparation


Let's face it, auditioning can be tough but with the right preparation you can excel and make sure you show them your ability on a good day. Whether you’ve been going to auditions and not quite making the cut, you’d like to get into the industry, or you’re just wanting to refine your process, the experienced professional actors, directors, and casting at STAC can help to deliver a competitive edge.

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Nicole Bartlett 

On Actor Career Development

"Richards experience and knowledge of the industry is extensive and mean he is able to give a useful insight and actionable advice. If you’re feeling a little stuck I would highly recommend getting in touch."


Zoe Carrey-Williams

"STAC has provided me with stellar guidance, both with career mentorship and acting coaching. They have a very no-nonsense approach and are yet utterly empathetic, and always provide a completely fresh perspective. A lot of the time in this industry we are made to feel as if we need to change this and that, or that we don’t quite fit into the right box, but with STAC it’s refreshing to learn to embrace and work with what you’ve got. Go to them if you’re in any way stuck or lost! Thank you to the team at STAC for your endless support and wisdom!"


Kezi Methuen-Jones

On Drama School Auditions

“Richard worked with me on my audition pieces for drama school and National Youth Theatre and I was amazed by how brilliantly he was able to break them down and help me access the characters. We worked on the rhythm of Shakespeare, which until I worked with Richard I had struggled with, and the techniques he gave me I still use today. He even helped me choose speeches. Thanks to the sessions with Richard I managed to secure a place at a top drama school and also gained entry to the National Youth Theatre and am now working professionally. His sessions are brilliant, fun, eye opening and really do get the best out of you.”

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