Studio Lighting

Self Tape Audition Recording London

At STAC we provide our clients with high quality self tapes at excellent prices. Our aim is to capture every client at their very best, every time. For more information, contact us today.

Equipment list:

  • 4K Canon 5D mk iv camera and lenses. 

  • Soft box profesional studio lighting. 

  • Various Lastolight backdrops to choose from.

  • RODE audio equipment for quality sound recording.

  • Teleprompter (upon request)

  • Quiet actor friendly studio.

You can expect:

  • A friendly service.

  • A safe environment to experiment/play as an actor.

  • As much rehearsal as you need within your booked time slot.

  • Insightful direction if required.

  • A cup of tea/coffee (obviously).

  • Your files on the same day.

You can choose:

  • To bring a friend to read in with you or to use our staff of trained actors. 

  • To turn up and shoot or spend time rehearsing for camera. 

  • To have us edit the tape for you or leave with the rushes and put it together yourself. 

  • To have your tape sent directly to your agent or casting director.





'The STAC studio setup up is brilliant and straightforward. In Richard not only do you get a skilled camera man and editor who knows how to make you look amazing but as a wonderful actor/director himself knows exactly how to offer direction so you can shine in your scenes. He’s my go to every time!'


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