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Voice Reel Recording

STAC is pleased to introduce our brand new voiceover studio.

Whether you need a brand new bespoke voicereel, to update your current reel or record a voiceover or audiobook, STAC Voicereels is your one stop shop. To book your session or find more information, contact us today.

Our acoustically treated vocal booth is the perfect place to capture your voice recording in crystal clear detail. Using high quality pre amps and studio microphones we will record and edit your project to a top studio level and have your reel ready to go within 48 hours.


A bespoke voicereel showing off your voice to its best is a must need calling card for any voiceover artist. At STAC Voicereels we work with you to match material to your voice ensuring your reel has maximum impact. We will work with you to find appropriate scripts and pieces that showcases your voice to its full range.


Have a reel that you're happy with but want to update it? Whether you have a professionally recorded job you want to incorporate into your reel or there's something missing you want to record with us and add to your reel, we can fit your needs.


Need a studio to record a voiceover? Want to record an audiobook? Our professional studio can be hired for whatever your needs are and our editing turn around time can be as quick as you need ensuring your final product is with the client within your deadline.


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Adam has a brilliant way of putting you at ease. It makes you feel completely confident while recording, and means that you use the time effectively to make the best possible end product. His extensive experience in the field is incredibly useful in knowing what works and what doesn't, so that you end up with a finished reel that stands out in what is a very crowded marketplace. Highly recommended!


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Adam is fantastic to work with! I made all three of my reels with Adam - a commercial reel, a narration reel and a signing reel. He has an abundance of knowledge and skill and dedicates himself 100% to making sure you record the best content suited to your voice, style and casting. As a result of his brilliance I am now signed to United Voices. If you want a professional, accomplished, stellar voice reel Adam is your guy!



I had a great time recording with Adam at STAC - lovely space with a patient & expert, lush voice directing me. My client is thrilled with the end product. Can’t ask for better!



"Adam was amazing to work with: calm, positive, reassuring. He always had a solution to any problems both prior to and during our session! I had never done voice-over before so the imposter syndrome was very real, but Adam was so fun to work with that it was impossible to be nervous and time flew by. Also I am in awe of Adam's wizard creativity with the final edits! Thank you to Adam and STAC for another top quality service."