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Accent and Dialect Coaching

We can provide accent and language coaching to either native or non-native (L2) English speakers in an array of:

British accents

American Accents

Accents foreign to English

Pronunciation of foreign languages in Performance


We also provide ‘accent reduction’ for non-native (L2) English speakers.

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Alex Morgan

Alex is an accent coach, writer, and actor. After completing a degree in Psychology at the University of Sheffield, he trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, then went on to study ‘teaching English as a foreign language’ (CELTA). He has been coaching actors in accents and languages since 2012, working for productions in screen and theatre (including the West End, Shakespeare's Globe, the Menier Chocolate Factory, and Chichester Festival Theatre). He also wrote and presented ‘the Linguafiles’, a podcast exploring the mysterious and wonderful world of language.


He has taught actors across the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia, and is fluent in English, French and Spanish. He also has a working knowledge of the phonology of other Romance, Semitic, Nordic and East Asian languages. He combines his experience to tailor his coaching to actors from a vast range of linguistic backgrounds. His goal is to make accent rules and sound-changes as accessible as possible from the perspective of the language(s) of the student. As an actor himself, he understands the perfectionism that performers demand of themselves when using accents, and that the study of them must be applied in the context of performance. He also thinks they’re constant fun…

Only £50 per hour

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