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STAC Masterclass

Career Development, Actor Marketing, and Much More

At STAC, we offer a continually updated course for guest speakers, industry experts, and the top voices in the UK acting community to deliver masterclasses aimed at growing your potential in acting. Our team work hard to ensure that the range of sessions delivered are of continued interest to you and give you the best opportunities to grow into your role in the industry. The STAC masterclasses give you the confidence in yourself to expand knowledge and gain insights into areas of an actor’s career that you might not have considered, from marketing yourself to developing beyond the stage and screen.


Upcoming Masterclass Sessions

Keep up to date with the offerings at our Waterloo studio to ensure that you don’t miss out on a place at STAC. The masterclass sessions in London are constantly updated, so be sure to check this page for more information on our talks and book your place below.

Affordable Prices, Excellent Acting Classes

The STAC Masterclass offering is aimed at teaching actors the skills they need to succeed at amenable prices. At only £12 per ticket, the masterclasses in our Waterloo studio are by far the best value for money available in London for aspiring and experienced actors alike, with the tips and tricks of the industry explained by experts.

Book Your Place Today

To enquire about the space availability in our acting masterclass sessions in London, call or go to our booking page. Be sure to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing classes to make sure that you don’t miss out on the next session.

We can’t wait to see you in our Waterloo studio, we welcome old faces as well as new – get in touch today!



"I could not recommend the STAC workshop enough! Richard provided me with practical feedback which has greatly impacted my tv audition skills for the better. The most important skill Richard gave me was the confidence to nail an audition. You can’t learn confidence with just anyone! I wholeheartedly support STAC and the workshops they provide."



"Richard's masterclass truely gave me the confidence to own my profession as an actor. His advice on how to present yourself in auditions and when  meeting casting directors is so valuable. He made everyone feel at ease and encouraged throughout. Richard's guidance on filming self tapes was understandable and even the technical side was fun! I will certainly be using his services in the future. It's a great way to keep your skills up as an actor, especially coming from a theatre background - I can't recommend him enough."



"The STAC Masterclass has genuinely given me the confidence to navigate the minefield that is the acting industry! I’ve always felt anxious about how to apply for roles, often feeling I was stumbling through auditions and applications without knowing how to properly showcase my abilities. Rich made everything feel so much clearer and through just one session with him, I already feel I have a much better idea of how to get work and I’m excited to apply my new skills! His acting tuition was truly fantastic and he has upped my self tape game an immeasurable amount. Can’t recommend more highly!"



"Working with Richard was an amazing experience. He understands the needs of actors and the pressure they are put under because he walks in the same shoes. He is of that rare breed that can both do and teach. After his class I feel ready to tackle all of the self-tapes! Bring them on!"


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"I thoroughly recommend working with Richard at STAC. His experience as an actor and as a director meant that I learnt how to achieve that balance between a performance that is technically right for the camera but is also honest and truthful. I left the workshop feeling truly inspired, more confident and full of invaluable tips and advice."



"At the STAC workshops and masterclasses, Richard creates a safe and insightful environment to allow performers to experiment and practise their skills. He does this with lots of energy and makes the sessions fun, while encouraging the very best from the actors. I can’t wait to attend another workshop soon!"