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Be prepared

All audition preparation sessions can be done at the studio or via zoom.


Let's face it, auditioning can be tough but with the right preparation you can excel and make sure you show them your ability on a good day. Whether you’ve been going to auditions and not quite making the cut, you’d like to get into the industry, or you’re just wanting to refine your process, the experienced professional actors, directors, and casting directors at STAC can help to deliver a product that’ll give you a competitive edge.

STAC now run one-on-one audition preparation sessions from our studio in Waterloo to make sure you are on top form for your upcoming audition. We also offer our audition preparation online via Zoom for those who can’t make it in to our London studio to give the best level of service to all of our clients as they require. Our team have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and can offer guidance, technique tips, and help you to overcome any fears or misunderstandings you may have about the audition process.

You will be working with an international theatre and screen director who will help you dig into the script, make bold choices, find those gear changes and generally up your game. When it comes to audition preparation, especially in a field as competitive as the London art scene, the smallest differences can make the biggest impact on your chances. By coming in to our Waterloo studio, you’ll gain a greater understanding of what’s required of you and how to best impress and put your best foot forward.

Make sure you're going in there ready to make your strongest offer.

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